The Buzz

Mon-Fri Noon-1pm

The Buzz with Carter Burks and Prym, with CK joining in 2021, formerly known as Water Talk, was founded in 2019 and became the longest running weekend show on The Florida Man Radio Network. From its humbled beginnings to its current position Monday thru Friday 12p-1p, you will hear an entertaining take on today’s current events. So grab a cold one, get ready to laugh and Get Your Buzz On!

Carter Burks

Carter Burks, host of The Buzz, is originally from Greenup, Ky. He is a professional singer/songwriter and former lead singer of country duo Burks and Bean. After relocating to Florida he founded Carter Water, which now has grown to 3 different states.

Carter began his radio career on Florida Man Radio in 2019 as host of Water Talk which aired on Saturday Mornings. When he’s not behind the mic or busy overseeing his company, Carter enjoys playing music and walking.

Carter has lived in Central Florida since 1998 and currently resides in Apopka.

Prym McGwier

Prym McGwier, cohost of The Buzz, started in the entertainment industry in 2008, as an extra in film and tv. By 2009 He started getting Speaking rolls in film. 2011 he landed the lead role in “Vs: The Movie”.  Prym decided to leave the entertainment industry to focus on his career in the water treatment industry.

Prym joined the Carter Water team in 2018 and is the current Director of Operations. 

He and the owner, Carter, started “Water Talk” on Florida Man Radio. 

Get your Buzz on!!!


CK has been a talking head since shortly after his birth, and he has been using that skill professionally for the past three years in talk radio in Orlando Florida. As a social experiment, CK has also “used” this skill as a stand-up comic and comedy show host.

Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania that is the birthplace of a terrible president, CK studied behavioral psychology and worked as a Safety and Security Director in the private sector in education, banking, healthcare, and Department of Defense contracts. 

CK has worked as a chair holder in many public safety organizations such as the American Society of Industrial Security, Metro Crime Stoppers, and Baltimore County Police Foundation, and he provided web and IT support for nonprofit educational groups and think tanks. 

When CK isn’t annoying his fellow Talk Radio cohorts Carter and Prym every Monday to Friday noon to 1PM on 105.5 FM and 103.1 HD3 Florida Man Radio, you can find him educating the public regarding the ongoing crisis of bad water, and playing his guitars, which he has done poorly for about 25 years, with Prym playing the skins in recent years.

CK lives alone in Orlando as a temporarily embarrassed bachelor with a mildly annoying roommate he often forgets about.