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Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris is a fourth generation farmer born in the small farming town of Pahokee, FL.  As a child he grew up in the cane fields of South Florida yearning for the day when he could be a farmer himself.  Jonathan always had charisma and a gift for gab since he could talk and always had a crowd around him.  He married at the age of 18 and immediate had 8 children one right after the other.  Jonathan is a family man who believes if you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.  

Jonathan started radio in 2022 and has enjoyed sharing his views and life opinions with like minded people and with a station who stands for what he believes.

Jonathan is a real Florida Man and still runs his farm and his butcher shop with his wife Amy and his children while still bringing you his views and opinions mid morning.

An old salty (and peppery) radio veteran who has seen and done it all in the radio business. 

Steadman worked with Shannon Burke for the first time about two weeks before 9/11. 

He went on to work for Westwood One in Washington, DC for a short time in 2011 before giving radio a break for a while.

Despite becoming a trivia host as well as earning a Masters degree from the University of Central Florida, Steadman quickly realized the real world was not for him and quickly ran back to radio in 2022.

He now proudly co-hosts and produces The Jonathan Morris Show on Florida Man Radio weekdays from 10am-Noon, adding a unique perspective and tons of experience to the mix.

Justin Steadman

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