Florida Man Radio Specialists

Simplifying Retirement
Saturday 8am-9am

Be sure to tune in to Blackston Financial’s ‘Simplifying Retirement Radio Show’ with your host David Blackston every Saturday at 8 am right here on Florida Man Radio. He’ll be discussing the many topics facing retirees and pre-retirees in the new economy with insights into maximizing retirement assets as well as some of the pitfalls that should be avoided. And remember, at Blackston Financial, there’s more to retirement than just your money.

Water Talk
Saturday 9am-10am

Water Talk – Every Saturday at 9am, we talk all about where water comes from, the quality of your tap and bottled water, and how to fix it! From Carter Water – only on Florida Man Radio.

RV Hour
Saturday 10am-11am

RV Hour, powered by Giant Recreation World, is honest talk about RV lifestyle, travel, cost, and tips you need to know! Each week, RV Hour will bring you the best and most helpful info, travel hacks, and answer your camping questions, hosted by Giant Recreation World CEO Larry McNamara.

The Chase Shellee Show
Saturday 2pm-3pm

The arts are alive and well in Orlando and we want to let you know where you can find and meet the artist dedicated to doing so. Join local musician and performer, Chase Shellee, every Saturday from 2 to 3 PM to get acquainted with, and hear the stories of, the musicians, writers, artists, filmmakers, and performers who make up the very rich landscape of Orlando arts and culture.

ATF Radio
Saturday 3pm-4pm

Finally a show that brings you all things liquor, cigars and guns!  ATF Radio explores the world of whiskey, bourbon and rum from the popular to the intriguing and obscure.  You’ll also find out about the world of cigar smoking from the premium brands to boutique cigars as well as liquor and cigar pairings.  We’ll also talk everything about guns covering various topics that will appeal to both avid gun enthusiasts and beginners.

Air Quality Radio
Sunday 10am-11am

Heavy rains, leaky roofs, bad air quality… you’ve got damage, now what do you do? Get answers on the all new Air Quality Assessors Radio Show. From air quality concerns, mold, allergens, the law, and insurance, we cover it all!